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Get a 26’ moving Truck and 2 Movers at $99.00hr 4 minimum hour,Military & First responders discounts

Get a 26’ moving Truck and 2 Movers at $99.00/hr 4 minimum hour(s) required. 10% Military & First responders discount.(Limitations apply)

At Boise Boys Moving and Storage our professional packers & experienced drivers deliver our promise to you



Here are the top 2 most stressful moving tasks, as well as tips to make each task easier.

1. Packing & unpacking It’s no surprise that packing and unpacking were the most stressful tasks. From the mild case of pack rat to full-on hoarding syndrome, Americans accumulate a lot of stuff. Minimize the stress of packing by donating as much as possible before the move. Your donation can be tax deductible, and the less stuff you pack, the less stuff you’ll have to load, unpack and find a place for in your new home.

2. Loading & unloading a moving truck without professional help is not recommended. Hiring professional movers will be the best money you ever spent.

If you do move yourself, you need to know what you’re in for: a lot of bending, heavy lifting and pain killers. The list of heavy objects that need loading and unloading is long: your couch, dresser, TV, bed frame, mattress, boxes of books, dining table … If you don’t hire a professional mover, make sure you get at least one friend to help carry objects that can’t be lifted alone. Buy helpful moving tools such as a dolly, hand truck and moving straps to make lifting easier on your back. Also be smart with how you load the truck. Pack items snugly so that there’s less shifting en route and to reduce the number of trips.

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