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How to prepare for your movers

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

As with most things in life, a successful move begins before the trucks arrive. Smart organizing and packing makes moving easier and more efficient. And while hiring a professional packing team can be a great decision, it doesn't mean you're totally off the hook. After all, it's your stuff that's at stake! Beyond using your own common sense, the following tips will help ensure that the things you value so much end up intact and in the right spot in your new home. 1.Clean and organize. Laundry, dishes, tools and other items pack and move easier when they're not a mess. 2.Purge! Go through and pull stuff that you can trash, give away or donate. Remove these items before the packers arrive, or gather it all into one pile and clearly mark it "DO NOT MOVE!" 3.Pull items that you'll move yourself. These normally include medicines/toiletries, enough clothing for the move duration, personal items (electronics/chargers/books), work stuff, jewelry and hazardous items that packers and movers won't touch. Pack these things ahead of time, or clearly mark them. 4.Organize and label rooms. Have all your master bathroom items in your master bathroom, for example, and use signs to mark every room so the packers can mark boxes accordingly. If a large item will switch rooms in the new house, just mark it with its own label. 5.Back it up. Use portable hard drives (that you keep with you) or cloud storage to back up any important computers, tablets, etc.

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